Manitowoc County Zoning Ordinance Update

Manitowoc County is in the process of updating its General Zoning Ordinance and corresponding mapping. The intent of this project is to provide a comprehensive review and update to the Zoning Ordinance that was originally adopted in 1965 and address the present day land use issues facing Manitowoc County. In addition the update will ensure that zoning regulations are reasonably consistent with the goals and objectives identified within the ManitowocCounty 20-Year Comprehensive Plan that was adopted by the Manitowoc County Board in 2009.

Updating the Zoning Ordinance is an important next step that will ensure updates made to the General Zoning Ordinance are consistent with the County's Comprehensive Plan per State Stats. 66.1001, while also taking into consideration the adopted local comprehensive plans for the 15 towns under the County's General Zoning Ordinance. Zoning ordinances establish the detailed rules for what and where things can be built, and how a project will be reviewed before being constructed. Many of the goals and objectives listed in the County comprehensive plan and adopted town plans are translated by way of Zoning Ordinance standards that, in turn, regulate land development.

The update process involves direct interaction with local and county officials, and is designed to allow several access points where the public can be involved, either through direct comments about the existing zoning ordinance requirements, or existing zoning processes, or by commenting on the reports and recommendations for any proposed changes. Comments are appreciated, as they are considered helpful in developing any proposed changes that better reflect the visions for all of the various unincorporated communities within Manitowoc County. The update to the General Zoning Ordinance is anticipated to be completed by December of 2011.

Zoning Guide (Draft) - Last Updated 11/04/2011

Manitowoc County Zoning Guide

For more information on the Manitowoc County Zoning Ordinance Update, please contact:
Brandon Robinson, Community Assistance Planner III
Phone: (920) 448-2820